About Us

SpeecHelp™ is the trade name of SpeecHelp Therapy & Resources Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No : 312411-U). It is managed by Praveena Balakrishnan, a qualified speech therapist herself with a number of qualified Speech Therapists. We are all committed in ensuring that the quality of services provided be the best in the country.

There is rapid development and new interest in our country concerning children & adults with speech, language, communication and voice disorders.

We have found that therapists, parents and caregivers alike have had similar difficulties obtaining suitable resources and materials to work with their children, patients or family members.

Through the course of our work, we have designed various games, worksheets and products which are culturally appropriate.

This resource centre and web site has been developed with the intention of providing information, materials and to continue building appropriate resources which are creative, of good quality and which suit the Asian populace as well as others.

SpeecHelp™ also aspires to help parents maximize the use of each product by sharing ideas on how to develop your speech, language and communication skills with these.

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